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Bridge Diagnosis

Implant Diagnosis

What is an Implant?

After Root Canal therapy

TMD Occlusion therapy


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Periodontal Disease

Rootcanal Diagnosis

What is TMD?


Emergencies Welcome


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Laser Technology

Sunny Hollow Dental has started using a new laser technology to improve our dental treatments and our patients comfort. The new diode laser uses light energy to disinfect, remove diseased tissues and perform procedures with less pain and discomfort than with previous methods. It can even help to whiten teeth when bleaching materials are used! Although this laser cannot yet replace the traditional dental drill, the technology is advancing rapidly and is only a matter of time!


  • Pain Free Anesthesia with Wand Technology
  • White Fillings
  • Extractions
  • White Spot Removal
  • Digital x-ray (less radiation)
  • Occlusal Analysis
  • Prophylaxis (teeth cleaning)
  • implants
  • Bridges
  • Restoration
  • Root canals
  • TMD Treatments
OraVerse3 Invisalign

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