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How to Maintain Your Sparkling Smile
in Six Easy Steps

When you feel good about your smile, you feel good about yourself and that promotes self esteem and feelings of well being. On it’s own, this is a reason to maintain good oral health, but there’s much more at stake. The links between a healthy mouth and a healthy body are extensive. Bacteria from the mouth can lead to infections in other parts of your body. There are proven links between periodontal disease and heart disease and diabetes. With sound teeth, being able to thoroughly chew your food is important for overall nutrition and naturally you want to avoid toothaches and the pain associated with poor dental health.
1. Brush.
Brush your teeth at least twice a day for two to three minutes. That’s much longer than most people spend on their teeth. Try using a stopwatch or setting a timer to establish your habit. Make sure you get the outer and inner surfacesand the chewing surfaces of each tooth. Pay attention to the gumline and the back teeth. For fresher breath, brush your tongue too. Toothbrushes with softer bristles are preferable
2.Floss. The American Dental Association recommends flossing once a day for optimal dental health. Stains can adhere to both plaque and tartar buildup. Flossing removes placque from areas that brushing can’t reach and helps to prevent gum disease.
Regular flossing can do more than keep your smile pretty and healthy. A healthy mouth can also help prevent much more serious diseases
3. Diet. A healthy diet with vegetables and fruit helps to prevent tooth decay. However, sugar is everywhere and sugar produces acids that erodes tooth enamel. Be aware of soft drinks, fruit drinks, carbonated drinks and candies that linger on the tooth surface.
4. Rinse. A mouthwash with flouride will help reduce periodontal disease and tooth decay. It makes your mouth feel fresher and reduces bacteria. Chewing sugar free gum increases saliva flow which naturally cleanses your mouth.
5. No Tobacco. Tobacco stains your teeth and increases the risk of gum disease and oral cancer. Clearly the single most positive step you can take towards establishing good health is to stop smoking.
6. Routine Exams. See your dentist regularly as most tooth decay and gum disease can be prevented. Routine exams to remove plaque are a sound policy.

These are six easy steps to maintain good dental health.
There is never a bad time to see a good dentist.
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